RAINBOW QUEST! Songwriting Programs for Celebrating Diversity

songwriting programs rainbow quest!, martin, game, LGBTQ+

How do children learn the alphabet? By singing it. How do they learn the value and importance of respect and diversity? Is there a song for that? There can be. RAINBOW QUEST! songwriting workshops are made possible through your tax-deductible donations to sponsor them. In better times most schools allocated funding to provide artists-in-residence programs […]

Are You Ready to Teach LGBTQ+ Culture and History at Your School?

ready to teach, LGBTQ+, rainbow quest, game

When we began developing RAINBOW QUEST!¬†several years ago, we imagined our game to be a dependable programming activity for Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) and community support groups. We didn’t realize that states would begin to include LGBTQ+ culture and history to their school curriculum contents, and we are thrilled for so many reasons. Some Topics are […]

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