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  • Rainbow Quest is da bomb! What an Awesome Evening... Rainbow Quest for everyone!

    Mark G. Avatar
    Mark G.

    You'll want to brush and floss before you play this game because you'll be smiling 'til it hurts!

    Lee N. Avatar
    Lee N.
    D.D.S., Roslyn, NY

    I thought I knew the guys at the gay men's retreat pretty well, but I don't think I ever felt quite this comfortable with them until we played a round of Rainbow Quest! together.

    Freddy F. Avatar
    Freddy F.
    Greenwich, NY, Gay Men's Retreat Program Director
  • I came out pretty late in life so most of this is new to me, but I learned so much and had such a great time in the process!

    Steve R. Avatar
    Steve R.
    SAGE Maine member, Bangor, ME

    Instantly increases the value of any home in the gayborhood!

    Terry B. Avatar
    Terry B.
    Realtor and City Counselor, Gardiner ME

    If you like to play right, play Rainbow Quest! You can trust me, I really am a playwright!

    J. Julian Christopher Avatar
    J. Julian Christopher
    Ph.D., Author, and Professor of Theater, NYC
  • So much laughter and so much fun. A definite immune-system booster!

    Duane M. Avatar
    Duane M.
    Registered Nurse, Boothbay Harbor, ME

    This is a historic breakthrough in fun and educational LGBTQ games -- no horrid stereotypes, no salacious content, and plenty of substantial content spanning ancient to pop culture.

    Dr. Howard S. Avatar
    Dr. Howard S.
    History Professor, Medford, MA

    If you need your spine adjusted, see me. If you need your attitude adjusted, play Rainbow Quest!

    Jeff. R. Avatar
    Jeff. R.
    Chiropractor, Ocean Grove, NJ
  • Finally, a board game with an LGBTQ theme that my husband and I can play with our 13-year-old and his friends!

    Allen S. Avatar
    Allen S.
    Event Planner Merrick, NY

    I thought I'd rather lock myself in my room than play a gay game with my two Dads, but whoooa! Playing Rainbow Quest! with them was better than reality TV!

    Sean S. Avatar
    Sean S.
    High School freshman, Oceanside, NY

    This game is 'uber' fun!

    Josh. J. Avatar
    Josh. J.
    High School English Teacher and Uber Driver, Asbury Park, NJ.
  • I'm as gay as it gets, but this game really kept me on my toes!

    Dr. John B. Avatar
    Dr. John B.
    Podiatrist, and gymnastics trainer, Chicago, IL

    Best of luck with the game. It is indeed a very worthwhile project. I am from Orlando, and believe a game like this could help deter violence and hatred against our community.

    Michael Walters Avatar
    Michael Walters
    Dame Edna Impersonator, Ft Lauderdale, FL
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