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Songwriting Workshops and Residencies for Diversity Education

Martin Swinger, nationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, and arts educator leads our roster of artists available to offer school residencies to help students process historical and contemporary issues related to any aspect of diversity. Students and teachers alike enjoy sharing in the creative process to write songs reflecting the values of respect acceptance, communication, and understanding. Plus, singing creates community!

For schools facing ‘issues,’ a goal may be the creation of a school ‘anthem’ honoring particular local traditions and instilling an aura of pride in the school community. Residencies may accommodate a single classroom visit, a day-long (3-4 classes) or up to a week-long residency (3-4 classes each day), Prices negotiable based on residency duration, number of classes visited, and travel required. If the stock order does not satisfy your needs, feel free to contact Martin directly to negotiate a visit that fits your particular needs. 

You can help bring us Towards A Better World for Everyone by making a tax-deductible donation to our Pickadilly Specialties 501(c)3 organization.
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