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A Fabulous New Board Game that is Your Very Own, Instant LGBTQ+ Pride Event in a box!

It's the Journey of Your Lifetime!

Enter The RAINBOW QUEST! Experience

RAINBOW QUEST! facilitates a high level of participation through many diverse activities, meaning that every player will find some challenges that they will sail right through while other obstacles may be more difficult. Hidden talents and strengths are discovered on the journey towards a better world for everyone. This results in a ‘level playing field’ where any existing ‘attitudes’ or other common group dysfunctions are no match for the fast-paced, madcap ‘LOL’ experience provided by RAINBOW QUEST!

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Fabulous Fun for All Ages, Genders, and Orientations

RAINBOW QUEST! Game affirms the diversity, culture, and milestones of the LGBTQ+ community (including your own). An educational and hilarious activity suitable for ages 11 years & up. Players discover hidden talents as they visit a variety of rainbow color-coded challenges along the path to LGBTQ+ discovery. Within the first round of the game the ‘cool’ players reveal some vulnerability, and shy players find the voice they didn’t realize they had! All start at the bleak world and advance until a player arrives at the colorful better world.

Ages 11 and Up

This is the most wholesome ‘gay’ game available, and adult players are free to expand and elaborate if they prefer a more risqué experience. Heck, you can play this game with your own parents or children! RAINBOW QUEST! Game – You don’t have to be gay yourself to enjoy or even win this game. Non-gay people often win. We promise.

RAINBOW QUEST! is as much about the journey as the destination! Use your discretion to pass over or adjust any prompt considered too difficult or mature.

Difficulty Level: Beginners may reject the first card selected, placing it at the back of its color section and select another, up to a maximum of three cards. Advanced players respond to the first card selected from the front of each color section.

Playing Time: Approximately 40 minutes. For fewer than five players, use both dice, but advance only the number indicated on one of the two dice. If the group has limited time or more than 5 players, use both dice and choose to advance the number of spaces indicated by either of the two numbers shown on the dice or the sum of the two, then use the 90-second timer for each turn. (see rules 5 and 6).

Number of players: RAINBOW QUEST! can be great fun with as few as two players, but we find that the optimal number of players is 3 – 8. For larger groups, form teams of players, selecting one representative for each turn. This is especially recommended for players who may not be comfortable reading aloud.

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Benefits of Playing RAINBOW QUEST!

With many small groups struggling to create programming and challenged by stable but small memberships, RAINBOW QUEST! is a convenient 'instant LGBTQ+ pride event in a box' -- ready to engage anywhere from two to a dozen players in a madcap exploration of LGBTQ+ history and culture.


  • All players start at the black-and-white bleak world.
  • For leisurely play with 5 or fewer players: Decide who should go first, and that person rolls 2 dice. The player chooses one of the two numbers showing and moves their chosen pawn forward to find their first challenge.
  • For faster play with less time or more than 5 players: Decide who should go first, and that person rolls 2 dice and advance their pawn forward any number of spaces between the lowest number shown and the sum of the two dice to find their first challenge.
  • Pull the first card from the color section that matches the flag where the player has landed. After completing the challenge, replace the card at the back of its color’s section


As you play this madcap game, review and learn about contemporary milestones in LGBTQ+ pop culture and history and even build interpersonal skills and relationships.

  • Ever feel ‘left out?’ Relax — By your second roll of the dice you’ll feel at home with ‘old friends’ you’ve only just met!
  • Not good at ‘joining in?’ No problem, you’ll have a place — and a voice — at this table!

Roll the dice to land on one of the rainbow spaces and follow the instructions on the color-coordinated card you pull from the box.

Will you have to draw a picture? Communicate through ‘charades?’ Answer a trivia question?’ Have the other players predict how you’d respond in a hypothetical situation? Disclose something about yourself to others? Or will you land back ‘in the closet’ and lose a turn?

Designed for up to eight players (more if using teams), the game moves along with an infectious positive energy that lifts spirits, educates, and brings players closer together.

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Awkward Feelings?

Common challenges of welcoming newcomers include not knowing ‘how’ to welcome new members, and there are bound to be new attendees who are painfully shy. Unfortunately, many group organizers find themselves overwhelmed with their leadership duties and may easily forget to properly welcome new individuals. Some newcomers at a gathering may not be used to ‘having a voice’ after experiencing years of bullying or mocking for being different, and their natural defenses may make joining in difficult. All of these concerns have been considered and addressed through various elements of the game, so things can run smoothly with minimal awkwardness.


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Following The Flags

Yellow or Red Challenge: the player reads it silently to themselves.

Orange or Purple Challenge: the card is read to the player without them seeing the card, and other players may listen.

Green, Pink, or Blue Challenge: the player reads it aloud to the group.

Succeed at any challenge, and the player may roll and move forward again on their next turn. If not, their pawn is placed on its side, until they try that challenge again on their next turn. When they succeed, they stand up again!

Advancing during another player’s turn: When another player correctly guesses the yellow, blue, or red prompt, they may move forward one space. If their pawn is on its side, they may stand it up and advance, then proceed from there on their next turn.


When a player reaches (or surpasses) ‘A Better World For Everyone,’ that player must succeed at the challenge chosen by the other players. Choices may include: You’ve Got Talent, Freehand, You Think You Know Me, Did You Know That?, or You Can Quote Me. (NOTE: The ‘Better World’ challenge may not include Just Between Us, The Closet, and Unpinkable.) If the player doesn’t succeed, they must move back the number of spaces indicated on the dice.

Can there be more than one winner? Why not? If the group has time, all other players are encouraged to continue taking turns (with all participating, including winners) until each player has advanced towards the ‘Better World’ and risen to their challenge.

Details For Each Challenge


Player’s Choice! The player chooses their favorite challenge.

FREEHAND! (Pencil Icon)

The player reads the card silently to themselves, sets the timer, and then must draw clues to the prompt on a pad until someone guesses correctly (Success), or the timer is done. No spelling or talking! The first player who guesses correctly moves ahead one space.

YOU CAN QUOTE ME! (Quotation Mark Icon) 

The card is read to the player without them seeing the card. The player must guess which noteworthy individual said these provocative words. The correct answer is indicated by a pink triangle ▼. If the answer is incorrect, place the pawn on its side and try the challenge again on the next turn.

YOU’VE GOT TALENT! (Viking Mime Icon)

The player reads the card silently to themselves, sets the timer, then must silently act out the prompt printed at the top of the card. Use the Charades Guide for standard gestures for offering clues without using words. The first player to guess correctly moves ahead one space. If no one guesses correctly, the player places their pawn on its side and tries again on their next turn.

JUST BETWEEN US! (Open Book icon)

The player reads the card aloud, then shares a personal reflection. There are no right or wrong answers!

YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME? (Question Mark Icon)

The player reads the card aloud, silently writes down their answer, sets the timer, then other players write down how they predict the question was answered. The player succeeds if the majority (or a tie) of players have matched the player’s answer. Players who guessed the answer each move forward one space. If too few guess correctly, the player must place their pawn on its side and wait to try again on the next turn.

UNPINKABLE! (Viking Icon)

Read the first pink card aloud, and move as indicated. “Unpinkable” predicaments are the delightful surprises encountered along our journeys that present us with opportunities to gain wisdom.

DID YOU KNOW THAT? (Multiple CheckBox Icon)

The card is read to the player without them seeing the card. The player must guess the answer to the LGBTQ+ culture and history challenge. The correct answer is indicated by a pink triangle ▼. If the player answers incorrectly, place the pawn on its side and wait to try again on the next turn.

THE CLOSET. (Viking Exiting Closet)

Share a coming-out story. (ANY past experience when the player chose to share private/personal information. It does not have to be about sexual orientation.)


To claim the win, the player must succeed at the challenge chosen by the other players. If the player doesn’t succeed, they must move back the number of spaces indicated on the dice.

Use the enclosed blank cards to create your own unique prompts!

Read More About the RAINBOW QUEST! Flags

Explore the information for each flag by hovering over the colored sections below with your mouse or tap on the colored boxes if using your phone or tablet!
red pencil RQ icon

RED = Free Hand!

Pick the first card behind the Red divider and don’t let the other players see what is written on it. Use a pad or chalkboard to DRAW what is printed on the card! If any players correctly identify what you drew, you get to roll the dice and move forward, and the player(s) who guesses correctly can move ahead one space. Return your card to the back of each colored section.
orange quote icon

ORANGE = You Can Quote Me!

When you land on an orange space, another player reads a famous quote to you, and then you have to decide which of the two choices given actually spoke those words. Get it correct and roll the dice to move ahead, and on your next turn do the indicated task. Get it wrong, and try another orange card again when it is your next turn!
yellow mask RQ icon

YELLOW = You’ve Got Talent! ​

Take the first yellow card and don’t reveal it to anyone, then using the basics of pantomime, act out the prompt (as in charades) until someone correctly guesses the phrase(s) you are trying to convey. Those who guess correctly advance one space, and you get to roll the dice to see where your next challenge lies. If nobody guesses correctly, you remain there until someone does guess correctly on your next attempt.
green book RQ icon

GREEN = Just Between Us! ​

Pick the first green card, and share something about yourself as indicated by the prompt, then roll the dice and move forward as indicated. There are no right or wrong answers for “Just Between Us!” Enjoy!
blue RQ icon

BLUE = You Think You Know Me! ​

Pick the first blue card and read it aloud.  Write down your answer. The other players must try to make a prediction about how you will answer, and must write down their answers individually after allowing for some discussion. If your answer is matched, roll the dice and move forward. Each player who guesses correctly also moves ahead one space. If no player(s) guess correctly, remain on the blue space and try another when it is your next turn.
pink RQ icon

PINK = Unpinkable!​

Select the first pink card, read it aloud, and either move ahead or go back the indicated number of spaces. These represent the predictable yet ‘unpinkable’ predicaments we all encounter on our individual quests!
purple RQ icon

PURPLE = Did You Know That? ​

Another player selects the first card behind the purple divider, and reads the question aloud, followed by the multiple choices where the correct one is indicated by a pink triangle. If the challenged player answers the question correctly they will get to roll again on their next turn, if not, they accept the challenge on whatever space they are on when it is their turn again.
closet RQ icon


Share a coming out story. Don't worry, any past experience when the player chose to share private/personal information counts. It does not have to be about sexual orientation or gender identity.
rainbow quest RQ Icon


Landing here lets you choose which color-coded challenge to select for your turn.
globe RQ icon


When you land on the better, Rainbow World, the other players deliberate to select choose which color-coded challenge you must successfully attempt. (Note: The Rainbow Choice and Pride cards may not be used once you have landed on the rainbow heart!) If you succeed, you win! If you do not, you must go back the number shown on the dice. On your next turn, try again to land in the better rainbow world!
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