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Pickadilly Specialties Corporation

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Our Mission

Pickadilly Specialties Corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that designs and produces educational and affirming resources to facilitate social and intercultural competencies to reduce bullying, discrimination, and intolerance for building and sustaining healthy and safe communities at home and in schools.

The RAINBOW QUEST! board game and other playful products to be developed by Pickadilly Specialties use expressive arts to facilitate supportive conversations encouraging allies and peers to develop empathy and compassion.

The academic content of each of our products focuses on historic heroes and accomplishments which haven’t been acknowledged in traditional education. Many states now mandate that noteworthy people, places, and events in LGBTQ+ culture and history be part of an inclusive curriculum which recognizes and respects all students and their families.

Our Vision

To curate a line of educational and expressive arts activities for historically marginalized groups, fostering a safer world in which all are free to pursue their fullest potentials, and where their differences are celebrated with the fundamental respect and dignity to which we are all inherently entitled.

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Our Core Values

We believe in the healing and educational power of play, and through encouraging familiarity with hidden heroes, can cultivate true racial, ethnic, and cultural pride as players learn that people just like themselves made significant contributions to humankind.

Together, the academic and social elements of our products contribute to enhance understanding and encourage the acceptance that there is value in celebrating diversity among a community of all peoples.


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