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RAINBOW QUEST! is the Journey of Your Lifetime!

Created especially for use with LGBTQIA (LGBTQ+) youth, the game is exhilarating fun for people of any age or sexual/gender identity. It’s the trifecta of board games: it teaches culture and history, manifests social skills and confidence, and cultivates copious amounts of laughter and fun. This makes it the perfect new board game for your LGBTQ+ family game night, school GSTA, support group, or community drop-in center. Or, treat yourself and invite friends over for a great evening of PLAY!
Solidly based on years of game testing guided by input from expert LGBTQ+ scholars, historians, education specialists, game designers, and elected officials. RAINBOW QUEST! has been refined through feedback from scores of ‘regular’ individuals of all ages, sexual orientations, and genders having various levels of experience in the LGBTQ+ community.
The RAINBOW QUEST! Game Never Fails To Be:

• An honestly ‘LOL’ gaming experience that tests your knowledge of LGBTQ+ history and culture.
• A great platform for sharing personal anecdotes, insights, and wisdom.
• Helpful in building interpersonal communications skills
• Engaging, bringing people closer together.
• The perfect activity for any support group, drop-in center, or GSTA (Gay Straight Transgender Alliance).
• Truly fun for anyone ages 11 and up.
• Designed for 2 – 8 players (or teams), the Rainbow Quest! game moves along with an infectious positive energy that lifts spirits, educates, and brings players closer together.

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WARNING: Continued use of this game may produce close friendships. It is likely to induce sudden increases in self-confidence, unexpected smiling, laughing out loud, and an uncanny ability to feel comfortable in the presence of strangers.


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