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Brian Kaufman, Rainbow Quest!, Board of Directors, President, team

Brian Kaufman

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Duane MacLeod

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Deb Murphy, rainbow quest, vice-president of finance, team, board of directors

Deb Murphy

Vice President of Finance and Human Resources
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Les Flynn, rainbow quest, team, board of directors, vice-president of operations

Les Flynn

Vice President of Operations and Strategic Development
Wholesale Coordinator
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John Osterhout, liaison, team, rainbow quest

John Osterhout

Vice-President & Liaison to National Education Association
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Chetan Joshi

Social Media Marketing
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Vitoon Lim

IT Support
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Cherie Fleming

Web & Graphic Designer
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Stroud & Associates, liaison, design

Stroud & Associates

Graphic Art
Shawn and Wendy Stroud
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Rainbow Quest! Logo, Game Board Design, and Android App
Adam Albright, based out of Wilmington, Delaware, helped as a consultant with the Rainbow Quest! logo.

Meredith MacLeod did not fall far from the talent tree, and after moving from rural Maine to San Fransisco, has become a preeminent designer of the world-class Folkmanis Puppet company. Apart from being an avid gamer going geocaching with her husband Evan, she designed our beloved 'Rainbow Viking' character that we use as our brand logo.

Evan Babb, Meredith's husband, a computer programmer and creative gamer, and helped us develop our first Rainbow Quest! app for Android phones. He and Meredith enjoy living in the San Francisco Bay area with their dog Robot, their flock of ducklings, and a household of talented artistic friends.
Martin Swinger Rainbow Quest Founder


Martin Swinger

Director Emeritus + In Memorium
Pickadilly Specialties Corporation
Asbury Park, NJ

Meet The Developers!

RAINBOW QUEST! was developed by Brian J. Kaufman, Ph.D. and his husband Martin F. Swinger. Brian is a psychologist with over 40 years experience teaching undergraduates and working with LGBTQ+ organizations focused on social support for youth (GLSEN) and adults (SAGE). Martin was a nationally acclaimed arts educator who used music and language arts to help K-12 students and their teachers master content knowledge across the curriculum. He also worked with community groups to create songs about local history, pride, respect, and other topics. 

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