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Depending on several factors like destination and the size and quantity of your item(s), production turnaround varies between Print Providers. Almost all orders are shipped within 2-7 business days from the order submission date.

Orders are sent to production after payment is received. Each Print Provider has a unique daily cutoff time. Daily cutoff time refers to a period during the day when orders stop being processed. If an order is received before the daily cutoff time, it will go into production. Orders submitted after the daily cutoff time will be produced the following day.

Reasons for orders being in production longer than usual could include:

  1. The garment is out of stock and needs to be ordered in. (If the delay is just a few days, the Print Providers do not necessarily inform us.)

  2. The order did not pass the post-production quality check and needs to be reprinted to ensure that only the highest-quality product is shipped out.
  3. If there is an issue with an item in the order, the whole order will be delayed.
  4. Large orders of 12 items or more may take additional production time.

So What Should I do?

If your order has not been updated or shipped after 7 business days from submission, please submit an inquiry through this Talk To Us! Form.


Orders are sent to production only after payment for the order is received. If you have a linked credit card or sufficient balance, your orders are sent to production according to your order approval settings.

While the game celebrates LGBTQ+ heroes throughout history, you don’t need to be gay yourself to play, enjoy, and even win the game.


Edgy Qualifies!

The strangest moment for non-gay players is when they land in ‘the closet’ and are expected to share a ‘coming out story.’ We typically think of ‘coming out’ in relation to declaring one’s sexual orientation to others. If you have ever wondered if its ‘safe’ to share information about yourself -- any information -- then that’s fair game for sharing as a ‘coming out story.’ Vegan? Agnostic? Gluten Free? These and similar ‘edgy’ things can certainly qualify!

Drop us a note at info@rainbowquest.org and we will send you a link to our grant application. Many wonderful people have contributed donations so that we can get the game out into the community, so we offer a sliding-scale grant based on need.


Does Your Group Qualify?

Some groups are fortunate to have enough community support that they can hold a fundraiser (bake sale, car wash, GoFundMe) and not ‘out’ themselves in what can lead to unwanted negative attention.


Other groups are not as capable of doing a visible public fundraising drive due to lack of properly trained educators, counselors, police, or school boards who may not intervene should members of a GSA or other group be harassed. For those groups we can offer grants and also try to find a sponsor to donate a game for you.

You’ll find blank cards included at the back of most of the challenge categories. These aren’t a printer’s mistake, these are included so that you can create your own custom questions.

Yes! We are already working on our next sets of add-on packs. You won’t need to buy a whole new RAINBOW QUEST! Game, you’ll be able to place the new cards into the right color section in your game box.

Yes, we have that on our ‘must do’ list.

That is a great question.

  1. Many of us remember popular favorites that can be found very inexpensively at big-box retail stores. RAINBOW QUEST! Continues to be considered a ‘niche’ market, so the manufacturing cost per game is going to be higher. When more states legislate LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculums, we will be able to bring the unit cost down and offer lower prices or generous discounts.
  2. This game is durable! Knowing that RAINBOW QUEST! Will be a regular activity for GSAs, community groups, and teachers, we couldn’t settle for ‘flimsy.’ The game board and box are a premium construction to last through lots of rough handling. The deck of approximately 500 prompt cards is printed on sturdy laminated card stock to stand up to lots of handling during play. This makes the box of prompt cards heavy, so we needed to add a ribbon to the card box for it to be lifted out of the game box easily.
  3. Everything a GSA might need to play RAINBOW QUEST! Is included in the box. Many people advised us that we could save money by leaving out the notepads, pencils, and pencil sharpener. As tempting as this idea is, we know that many schools allow GSAs to exist, but warn that if they use any school supplies they will lose the ‘support’ of the school for their GSA. We don’t want to make it that easy for school administrators to disband a GSA, so we decided it was important to include everything needed for just opening the box and beginning to play.
  4. Research! Testing! Revision! RAINBOW QUEST! Contains facts about LGBTQ+ culture and history, and because so much of it has been ‘hidden,’ it can be difficult to find out what was going on in the past. There were laws prohibiting people from being ‘homosexual,’ and one could lose their job, their home, their families -- or be institutionalized. Digging through archives and records to sort out facts from legends takes careful research. Creating a game that avoids outdated stereotypes about where and how we live, and which strives to be inclusive of all was a huge undertaking. Keeping the content appropriate for middle and high school students also meant having the contents reviewed many times to ensure a wholesome experience.
  5. Language. In the fifteen years of bringing RAINBOW QUEST! From idea to tangible product, the vocabulary has grown and evolved for describing sexual and gender identity, as has the vocabulary surrounding the kinds of relationships and attractions people have. We’ve been happy to update all of our content, but each revision and update to our prototypes is labor-intensive and costly.
  6. LGBTQ+ youth need a game that looks good. Elegant. Exciting. And made just for them. Most LGBLTQ+ youth have never seen a wholesome product that celebrates LGBTQ+ culture and history. For those students who get any LGBTQ+ materials in class or in a GSA, they are usually black and white printouts from colorful internet websites (this gives them sheets of paper with ‘gray scale’ graphics, those are anything but ‘elegant’ or ‘special.’ Seeing an attractive, glossy, high-quality resource is thrilling for them and for the elders in our community, it’s the kind of game they wish they had when they were younger to affirm and celebrate their identity.
  7. Costs are relative. The average board game price is between $30-45. RAINBOW QUEST! Isn’t average, it's completely unique. The most expensive ones include Zombicide: Black Plague ($1150) and Star Wars: Imperial Assault will cost you about $975. Now, zombies and space war games are probably enjoyable, but are they life-changing? They surely don’t offer the affirming and uplifting experience that RAINBOW QUEST! Is guaranteed to do. When you look at it that way, $60 for RAINBOW QUEST! Is a pretty fabulous bargain. And for comparison, most video games are $60 and have been at that price point for about ten years. If you consider other popular items people spend money on, a Chia pet costs $20. How life-changing is that? Of course, mass-market board games with only a few components will always be cheaper, and games with more components or printed in small print runs are more expensive.

See The Game In Action!


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